I am an artist who works primarily with oil on panel. While my art is rooted in traditional painting, my intent is to convey a deeper, more personal and contemporary insight into my environment. Distortions of perspective, space, color, and light all define the regionalist nature of my personal vision and experience.

The focus of my work is on describing the beauty in everyday subjects. A back alley, a speeding truck, two old houses that have lived next to one another for sixty years, create a dialogue that I want to explore. It is the underlying character of these mundane, unremarkable scenes that interests me. I hope viewers will feel this is their city: their neighborhood, the streets and freeways they drive, their daily ritual.


Phone: 612-822-9120
Email:  masseyr10@yahoo.com

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Groveland Gallery
25 Groveland Terrace
Minneapolis, MN  55403
Phone: 612-377-7800